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I have always been an animal lover. I was raised around cats, dogs, pups, kittens even birds. My stepdad also ran a salvage logging camp so we often also saw a lot of wild animals from ducks to cougar, bear and deers.
I recently adopted a 2 yr old calico cat named Lisa-Lee. We were matched via S.H.A.R.E.S in edmonton. She was found under an abandoned trailer with her kittens and did not get along well with other animals or new people very well. I had been informed that at her foster home that housed 20 other cats - shed sit on top of the fridge and shake and wouldnt even eat or drink, so they ended up having to isolate her from the other cats.
She is a very affectionate and loyal cat and is settling in quite well. Shes even doing well with having new people in the house and not stressing out from it.
I also now have a 1 yr old calico long hair polydactyl female cat as well named Poly. SHe is exuberant and lively and full of kittenly mischief lol SHes also very very affectionate and has i think the cutest tiniest meow ever lol

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