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Holland Lop Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit
Holland Lop Rabbit Fact File

Group: Compact

Varieties: Agouti: Each hair shaft over the body has three or more distinct colors. The belly, underside of the tail, inside of the ears and nostrils, and around the eyes are cream, orange, or white; Pointed White: White with color on the feet, legs, nose, ears, and tail. Pink eyes. Self: One solid color; Shaded: The body is one color and the ears, face, haunches, belly, feet, legs, and tail are a darker color. Ticked: Dark color with silver or gold tipped hairs spread throughout the coat; Wide Band: Markings like that of an agouti, but the hair shafts do not have three or more colors.

Weight: Males: 4 pounds maximum, Females: 4 pounds maximum

Physical Attributes: The body is very short and deep. The overall appearance is of a large rabbit in a small body, with quite a bit of massiveness. The head is short, thick, large, and very round. The ears are short and lopped

Personality: Holland Lops are generally fairly calm, though some, especially females, can be easily startled and shy.

Coat Type and Grooming: Holland Lops have a medium-length coat that sometimes requires a bit of extra grooming. Weekly to bi-weekly grooming with a slicker brush are fine, except during shedding season when bi-weekly to daily grooming may be required.

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Junior Member
Added on Sept 6th, 2010
We got our first Holland Lop from a breeder a month ago. He is 2.5 yrs old, a broken torte. (LINEBREAK)He is the best pet I have ever had! The longer we know him the more his sweet, loving and curious personality begins to show. As he becomes more comfortable with us he eats new things, began to lick us when we pet him and nudge us for attention. We are even getting him to use the litter box for urinating (heard poo isnt trained as easily). I am a kinderten teacher and it was a dream of mine to have the perfect home/classroom pet. I never leave him at school over night, he has a great cage/setup at both places. It's amazing to bring him back and forth and get to spend so much time with him. He doesnt seem to mind the travel.(LINEBREAK)The kids are learning so much from him. Mr.Bun Bun's a big hit and all the teachers and my friends love him too! : )(LINEBREAK)
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