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Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit
Mini Lop Rabbit Fact File

Group: Compact

Varieties: Agouti, broken, pointed white, self, shaded, ticked, or wide band color groups

Weight: Males: 6.5 pounds maximum, Females: 6.5 pounds maximum

Physical Attributes: Muscular and compact.

Personality: In general, the mini lop is a very sweet breed. They tend to be a little less active than some breeds, but there are definitely some clowns among the breed. They thrive on attention.

Coat Type and Grooming: When your Mini Lop begins to lose its baby fur, the change is usually gradual. However, once the adult coat is in, it may be necessary to groom your rabbit. Mini Lops in molt can have large patches of fur falling out. It is wise to use a wire slicker brush to remove the loose fur. A Mini Lop can die from large amounts of ingested fur, so take care to avoid this.

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Junior Member
Added on Aug 15th, 2010
mini lop rabbits make very nice pets. they are very friendly and playful.
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