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I have always felt an affinity with animals and once dreamed of becoming a big-cat trainer.  Unfortunately, it wasn't to be though I did become an RAF dog-handler and trainer.
Although I can enjoy most breeds and once bred Yorkshire Terriers, my preference is for larger dogs; in particular, the German Shepherd.  To my mind, German Shepherds are the most intelligent, adaptable, and hardy of breeds.
Currently, the family companion is a Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael) bitch called Fran.  I was interested to note that the breed isn't listed in the menu selection on this site so I had to list her as a Belgian Sheepdog.
Fran is a delightful dog: intelligent, affectionate, full of mischief and with a great sense of humour - I love her dearly and have also come to hold her breed in great esteem as a result of our experience together.  - I've always had close bonds to my dogs but there's something just that bit more special about Fran that I can't articulate - I've never let a dog get away with so much and yet felt so close.

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