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I live in the Pacific Northwest and have all my life. I am a strong animal advocate, but have a special place in my heart for cats. I have strong opinions in regard to animal care and would like to see a law go into affect that make it mandatory that ALL cats & dogs be neutered and spayed. So many animals in the shelters are not cared for properly and euthanized needlessly. People need to be educated in regard to animal care and if they cannot care for them properly, should not be allowed to adopt an animal. I see countless animals abandoned and surrendered simply because the owner could not or would not care for them for whatever reason. I am passionate on these issues!!! Something NEEDS to change to give animals their *Rights*. Another issue is laboratory animals and the horrors they endure. Again....there NEEDS to be LAWS in regard to this animal cruelty.
I love to work in my yard (weather permitting), cook, play my piano, and LOVE jazz & classical music. I am 60 years young, retired from the grocery industry, and adore my fur babies and spoil them rotten. They can do NO harm and get pretty much anything they want and they know it. Coco (DSH) has Lymphoma-sarcoma cancer and is on a chemo-therapy protocol and is doing very well. Simon-Love(Chocolate Point Siamese) was recently diagnosed with Asthma and on prednisolone.  They are the loves of my life and I cannot imagine life without them.

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