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I am 24 years old, married to my high school sweetheart, and I love animals soo much. I can't stand to see animals without homes, or living with people who don't know they have something soo wonderful. A animal is such a blessing. I have 3 dogs, Andy, Cricket, and Lady. I also have one cat, Riley. My pets are my kids. Andy is such a ham, he has a wonderful personality, one that I have never seen in a dog before. And Cricket, well he has a little baby face, and loves to be outside just sitting and looking for bugs. Lady is my cry baby. She cries when I come home. She whines with joy, it is soo cute. Most dogs cry when they are sad, but not her! She whines and wags her tail because she is sooo happy. And Riley, well he is my little buddy. Always wanting to be right where I am. He sleeps on top of me at night, and if roll over or change positon, he just moves with me. He is sitting on my lap with his head on my hand as I am typing this. Just purring away. I am a country girl born and raised, with lots of room for my animals, And If I had to live somewhere else I would go crazy! I love it here, and I know my kids do too! They are safe from cars and strangers. Without animals this would be a dark and unhappy world.

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