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Unable to have children, my "motherly instincts" are now fixated on my baby-girl Edy.  She is the absolute joy in my life (aside from hubby!) and sometimes I could just eat her up, she's SO cute!  And smart!!!  I've never personally seen such a smart cat.  My husband and I both work(ed) at a prison and the cat population inside the gates is unbelievable there.  For the most part, the inmates were actually good with them, feeding them and whatnot.  Back in July '08 my husband came home from work one morning and had rescued a kitten from the gutters - wet, shivering, hissing, alone, SICK...  it broke my heart.  The vet said that it appeared she had probably been kicked; her hind leg was broken, she had a hernia on her tummy, one of her eyes were pussed filled and opaque, she was ant-bitten, severely malnurished and had terrible runny poop that had caused her little bottom to be swollen and she just cried everytime she went to the bathroom.  Oh, it broke my heart!  I would bathe her when she got dirty from poopy, give her the medicine for the worms, bottle feed her a milk supplement, and even made her a pallet in the bed with me (hubby's on graveyard).  She's, I would guess, about 8 months old now, full grown, healthy, spayed and SPOILED ROTTEN!  She still sleeps in the bed with me and has every night since the day he brought her home, follows me room to room and, I promise, will talk back to me when I get on to her about something.  She's my baby!

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