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I have four pets
Felix - a harlequin rabbit. Japanese from everything we can figure, not sure if he's mixed breed or not. 9 lb, neutered, very sweet. Licks your hand for treats and petting, but he's also very opinionated. Throws his bowl when he doesn't like his dinner and thumps when he's not happy about something. Loves to play with the kitty.
Augustine - Also a harlequin, more of a distinctive pattern on his coat than his brother. at 8 lbs, augustine has always been the smaller rabbit. lovingly called the "neruotic one" he's very skttish around new people and doesn't like to be on the leash to go outside like felix does. Although, he does like the kitty.
Lucky - Unknown breed, four years old, honestly a better dog than a cat. Lucky didn't meow very much for the first few years of his life (he lived with lots of other kitties before) Loves to run outside and play, stalk birds, eat grass, play with little plastic mice, and sleep on pillows.
Twiggy - Guinea pig six or seven years old, twiggy is a very calm little piggy. The only time she makes a lot of noise is when she's hungry.

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