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I have always had dogs for as long as I can remember and I'm 51 years old!. I used to bring home all the strays people abandoned when I was little and it drove my parents crazy. I have three dogs now, Sarah Jane is my German shepherd, Cindy Sue is my little 20 pounder that's half beagle and half Miniature Collie and then my latest addition was A.C. (named that because I work for an HVACR company and someone threw him out in the parking lot and I brought him home.) The vet said is was about 7 weeks old then and now he's really grown and he's still only 7 months old now. I guess if I had the room, I'd just keep on adding to my family. We don't have any kids so our dogs are our kids! They have their own blankets and toy boxes (now if I could only get them to pick their toys up when they're done playnig I'd have it made!)  They are all three spoiled rotten and I love em ! 

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