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As long as i can remember I have been a cat lover. Right now I have 2. My old man is going on 7 or so... we adopted him from a shelter so we dont know how old he is. He is poly-dactyl so he has extra toes. When my husband was stationed in Alaska. We would take small bags of cat and dog food to the local animal shelter to donate. We thought about adopting but I wasnt sure with Army life and the moving around. We saw Mr. Kitty and he was such a cool cat. (Thats what the workers at the shelter called him. "Cool Cat.") He stuck his paw out of the cage at us. We adopted him. My 2 boys were 1 and 2 at the time. He was so abused!!! Never did he bite or scratch them, he would just turn his ears backward to say GET THEM AWAY!!! When the time came to leave we were coming home to Oklahoma in the dead of summer. The airline refused to put him in the belly of the aircraft. We had to pay for a ticket for him to ride with us under our seats. We decorated his carrier up with beware of kitty signs... like he was a real bad boy! The layover in Utah was fun. PPL thought it was funny seeing a cat being packed thru the airport. All went well until the little old lady beside me on the last leg of our trip found out it was a cat. She nearly came unglued!! We are home now and all is well. We have also recently added an edition to our family... a little kitten. Panther Sue is her name... that is when we arent calling her LUCY or DEVIL.... she is a real mess!!! Our old man has turned from lazy sleepy head to a semi lazy cat who romps thru the house and wrestles with his new found friend.
I am so very attached.... to both of them.

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