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My name is Kurt and my wife and I own 3 bloodhounds in which are training for Search and Rescue. KR JASMINE NORTHERN DREAMS (age 3) KR ROLLING THUNDER (age 2) KILL SHELTER RESCUE KR QUIET STORM OF RIB MOUNTAIN (age 1) We are in the process of starting up KR KENNELS Search and Rescue and hope to someday have our own boarding kennel/no kill shelter of our own.We worked alot with Operations Bring Animals Home doing Katrina pet relief and still have animals that were from there and have had 11 different animals fostered through them here. With 5 boys,currently the 3 hounds and 4 cats it gets noisy here at times, but was great when we placed animals as they experienced alot. We have our own website that is listed on the Topsites here (krkennels) to help us with our research into SAR and other pet related topics and also to have fun and relax. Otherwise as for myself,I do not work but with the dogs as hurt shoulder years back and got so bad cannot do what used to and so this with the dogs keeps me sane or shall I say I must be insane with 3 large hounds in the house.All in all is worth it,going into schools talking to kids about the dogs and what to do if get lost.A service that gets more rewards just by smiles & thank you.

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