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I am a mom of a 12yr old wonderful girl (Mikala), a 2yr old purrrfect feline (Buddy) and a 36yr old husband (Wayne)  We have been blessed with Buddy since last fall when we adopted him from the humane society.  He is extremely smart and loves to investigate noises.  Buddy is fairly lazy and loves to sleep or lay in your lap while having attention showered on him.  One thing that is surprising about him is that he loves to play catch with anything that will fit in his teeth.  My family thinks that we spoil him when we leave music or tv on when we leave the house or when we made up a dance just for him and we dance with him to our favourite music.  Mikala and her friends play dress up with him and have a feline fashion show.  My mother also thinks it is funny that we have many pictures of him in different poses sleeping or playing.  We don't think it is spoiling Buddy when he has brought such happiness and sunshine to us since he has joined our family last year.  We are extremely lucky to have Buddy and we look forward to many more years with him.

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