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I am a twenty year old pit bull loving girl and my best friend is an American pitbull named Cyndicate, Cyn for short.
I dream of opening up a full fledged pitbull sanctuary and adoption and rehabilitation center.
I'm currently starting my organiztion off with permits and finding a place to place it and funding. Donations are greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate to a young girls dream to saved lives of pups and pitts alike please send me a message.
Cyn is my own personal rescue story.
She was found November 16th 2007 in a dirty foul smelling abandoned apartment at 2 months old. She was in horrible conditions and near death. We took her home warmed her up and filled her up with as much food and water as her puppy body could hold. Shes a sweet loving family dog. Very protective and a little skiddish due to her physical abuse when she was smaller.
She's now a year old and strong as ever. We still are working on her temperment with meeting new dogs and humans but is a very very good guard dog and has her own views on who should be near mommy and who shouldn't be. She is always at my side and goes every where with me and quite spoiled.

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