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I love all my animals. I have 6 cats, 2 dogs, 1 chinchilla and a skunk. :)
Uh... hehehehe dont really know what else to put... Single white female? lol...
My skunk is very very cuddly as you can see from most of my pics. She LOVES to be held. Shes somewhat playful but.. she gets annoyed with playing and wants to be picked up... My cats... well.. I guess they are like most cats.. I have one that wants to play ALL the time... I have a very sickly one, hes not sick... he just acts bluh all the time... I have a favorite of course which sleeps with me, tattooed on me..
I also have a gimpy cat.. which reminds me of the mashed potato guy off scary movie 2.. I think? He only has 3 claws and his paw is crooked right at the end of it... and he has no diaphram. He was only supposed to live for 6 months, the vet said his rib cage would collapse and cave in where his diaphram is supposed to be onto his heart. He is almost 7 years old!!!! lol.. he was a stray so I was just kinda keepin him cause I felt bad for the poor lil guy and wanted him to have a good life while he still could... thinkin he wasnt going to be around long.. sure fooled me! hehehe   but he is a very sweet tuxedo cat that is smart also. I am glad to have him for almost 7 years. :)
Guess that sums it up... if you have any questions for me just ask! :)

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