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Hi I have 2 cats, 5 ferrets, a German Shepard X, a timber wolf X and my room mate has a rabbit. I have several years experience in grooming, training, handling, behavior, housing, and health of all kinds of animals. I am an artist by trade specializing in pet art and memorials. When I'm at shows I often find myself being an impromptu grief counselor, and that's ok. Pets are family too. I am happily married to a husband of 8 years and right now have no wish for kids. My pets are my family, and I don't have to pay for college....or at least not yet...they don't make ferrets go to class do they?? LOL
my website is w w w morning hawk creations . com and there are links if anyone hears me mention something you want more info on. there are breeders trainers and other sources (more local to me) if you guys find it helpful let me know.

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