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Hi,my name is Christina, I live in South Jersey , I am 39 years young and married without children.I have always been an animal and nature lover.Born in Germany ,my love for all of gods creatures large or small started when I could walk and daddy drove me to the local petting zoo where I was in charge of the guinea pigs and when I was a little older I moved up to the rest of the bunch.That's where I started to find interest in horseback riding and at the age of 6 daddy bought me my tiny little Shetland pony called Nico. I started working on the farm where we boarded the pony so I could earn it's keep.Nico soon was too small for me and we gave him to the farmer to life out his days there as a companion to his priced mare who had taken a liking to Nico.Than I got Limbo, he was a beautiful white pony and I started taking formal lessons in English Dressage and Show jumping.When I moved to the States and arrived in NYC in 1989 I started working as a dog walker and pet sitter as well as house sitting and nanny work.I was privileged to work for some of the rich and famous and took care of their priceless animals and homes.I also took in 2 stray Cat's ,Dizzy and Yoshi.I met my husband in 1993 and we moved to New Jersey in 1995 and eventually got married in December of 1997.While living in northern New Jersey we rescued 3 more Cats,Junior,Heinz and Tina and also bought a beautiful white nameless horse from a horrible meat auction .This white horse we named Smokey and he gave us seven wonderful years before melanoma took his life.We than moved with our family of 5 cat's to our first own house in southern jersey where I started to work at a farmers market and organic pet food store .I had a horrible Christmas ,on christmas eve my cat Heinz passed away unexpectedly from a blot clot and on the 28th my oldest Cat Dizzy passed away in my arms from old age.I had a very long time to prepare for this moment but it is like you loose a part of yourself.These furry creatures are so much more to me than just pets, there are my friends, my kids, my soul.I continue to pet sit for customers of the organic pet store but would like to extent my services to anybody who would like affordable , reliable,honest and trustworthy care for their animal companions.I also combine these services with house-sitting and everything that comes with you going away and not being able to take your furry friend with you.I follow your instructions precisely and also make sure your home looks like somebody is home at all times, meaning putting on lights at certain times, taking in the mail, watering the plants and any other chore that is necessary to keep your curb appeal whilst on vacation or away on business. I also feed and care for horses and exercise them if requested.

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