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Hi! I'm Kate. I am the proud mommy to two beautiful little bunnies and a long coat chihuahua. Mochi is Dwarf Hotot mix, Toki is a brown Netherland Dwarf mix and Sumi is my dog. The breeder who sold the bunnies said these two were sired from escaped stock and captured as tiny bunnies at about 3 weeks old in her barn. No one else would adopt them because they weren't pure breds. So my partner and I snatched them up. Mochi has all the markings of a Hotot except her ears. They are black. Not too sure what breed she might be mixed with. In my heart though, they are as beautiful as any show rabbit and are the source of lots of joy! As for Sumi, she is a bundle of joy who hasn't met a face she hasn't wanted to kiss yet.

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