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My cats are a huge part of my daily life... I consider them my "kids" which is great because they never really grow up! The photo in my profile is from when our sweet Samantha was a kitten ~ she lived for over 15 years.
Other things I enjoy doing:
Photographing Wildlife, Farm animals, Scenery, Flowers in Bloom (especially in Macro), Birds at our birdfeeders from my computer desk, Hot Air Balloons, Fireworks displays, Rocks, Family & Friends Events & Parties, etc. Then downloading, labeling them, cropping some of them, e-mailing them & waiting for the great responses that are normally forthcoming.
Listening to music & sometimes singing along (when no one is home to complain ~ LOL).
Summer Concerts in our county parks
Watching, photographing & enjoying the fireworks at the 4th of July and "end of summer" ones.
Kite Flying - 2 line stunt kites in the county parks & down the shore (off-season) with my son & hubby !
Going Down the Shore - Walking barefoot on the beach any time of year! Floating in the water (beyond the breakers), reading & watching sailboats from the beach
Riding around in the mountains ~ the places tourists don't go ! The panoramic view from the tops of mountains (like Camelback Mountain in the Pocono Mountains).
Parasailing - did it twice and loved it ! Would do it again if my back allowed me to !

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