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I am a 4h rabbit breeder specializing in Blue Rex. I don't keep "pets" but I dearly love and devotedly care for each and every one of my animals. I have one older buck who is such a sweet heart that he would sit still and let me pet him for hours if I had two or three hours to spare.
I have two litters due in September!! I have been breeding bunz for about a decade, and loving all of them. I have more than twenty four rabbits, so it isn't possible to pamper each one for an hour every day, but I pet and hold them as often as possible.
The one reason I have not adopted rabbits from the SPCA isn't because they aren't nice and friendly. It's because they're fixed. I am only in the market for rabbits that can improve the colors and personalities of my next generation of rabbits. I also can't keep a million rabbits and I am not in a position at this point to creat a rabbit shelter.
Thanks for the welcome I got. It was nice to know that I came to the right place to talk about and learn about my favorite animal.
PS - "Killer Rex" doesn't mean that I have rabbits that are mean or that I am mean to them. Killer is used here are a slang term for awesome or cool or an equivilent of those terms.

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