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My name is Jenn and I live in Michigan with my boyfriend, 2 cats, and a rabbit.
Our cats names are YP (York Peppermint(male)) and P (Patty(female)). They were, obviously, named after York Peppermint Patties and they do know their names! They are both black and white (almost matching!) brother and sister and will both be 4 years old in July, 2009. They are the greatest cats on earth according to us! They don't ever hiss at us, scratch us, or bite us. They do playfully bite when getting their bellies rubbed. They love to play with each other as well as with the bunny. P's favorite toys are strings from hooded sweatshirts. She will play fetch with the string for hours on end if she could! YP on the other hand LOVES straws and milk rings. He carries them everywhere around the apartment! They both love lazer pointers, however, they get extremely obsessive about the red dot and it makes it harder to put it away! They both love to climb and perch at high points. And when they need their nails trimmed, they definitely make it known to us by ripping around the apartment! I can hear the carpet tearing!
Our bunny's name is Chester. He is 5 years old, male (neutured), and black and white. I purchased him from a neighborhood pet shop and it was love at first bite! He has SUCH a personality... Before ever owning a bunny I never would have thought that they had any kind of personality, I just figured all they did was eat carrots and hay and sleep. But Chester has definitely proved me wrong. I have come to find out so much about him including his favoite toys, treats, fruits, veggies, and everything else! He doesn't have another bunny to bond with but he does interact with both the cats.. he even has a stuffed husky in his cage that he's had for the past 3 years! And it is still intact for the most part! He loves hooded sweatshirts and blankets. Right now he has a cat bed that he intentionally flipped over and sleeps on the vinyl side instead of the warm, fluffy side. He gets to run around our apartment and explore pretty much everything. I have found chewed cords, clothes, and even wood trim! But he loves zipping around and "binkying" all over the place. He also flops in his bed ALL the time. I feel I have made him happy in his life. :)
I hope you enjoyed reading about my wonderful babies!

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