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Crazy animal lady, I currently have:
a cocker/lab mix, female, black, 14 years, pound rescue
a shepard/great dane mix, male, brown 6 years, pound rescue
a cocker, male, blonde, 4 years, stray adopted us
a shihtzu, male, white/brown, 2 years, bought on a corner
a shihtzu, female, white/brown, 3 years, got free with male
a shihtzu, male, brindle, 15 months, from breeder
a shihtzu, female, brindle, 15 monts, sister of male
a russian blue, female, 8 years, from cat rescue
an african grey, male, 9 months, from breeder
a love bird, female, yellow, from breeder
a love bird, male, green, from breeder
All loved, all spoiled

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