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It seems I have spent my whole life stepping over a cat(s), dog(s) or child(ren). All have been enjoyable. I actively work with the local Humane Society, am fostering this and that dog or cat while they are waiting for a permanent family and help with foster/adoption transport when needed. I tell anyone who will listen about having their dog or cat microchipped. I currently have Tazz, 11 years old German Shepherd and Kayla, 7 years old, German Shepherd who I am fostering. Both are sweet, very child friendly (and anyone else for that matter), in great health, loyal and loving. I will hate the day Kayla is adopted, but will be happy for her to find a permanent family. I do not believe in feeding "people" food to my animals, except on rare ocassions. I give them breakfast and supper, but no snacks. This keeps their weight in check and maintains their good health. Then there is Smith & Jones, who are full time, inside, brother & sister kittypets, pushing 12 years old. They rule the house, of course. Smitty likes to sleep curled up next to Tazz. Jones is far more particular and prefers her bed. Life around here, to say the least, can get interesting. LOL

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