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I live In Edinburgh, I'm 18 years old, I work in a pet shop and have had all kinds of animals my whole life.
I have 2 dogs, there's Penny a crossbreed we took in when she was 4 months old as a family friend had her and she was annoying their older dog and they wanted to drown her, but I know she is the best dog in the world and is a well loved member of the family. And the other one is Mel a 5 year old Bullmastiff who was previously owned by my dad, but he kept pawning her off on his neighbours who would barely walk her over the door step and fed her chocolate biscuits and got her up to a whopping 58.5 kg (13.5 kg overweight!!) and one year on she is a happy and almost healthy 45.6 kg.
I also had a 7 year old rabbit called Angel, who was born in my garden after her mother (Honey) escaped from her hutch while her father (Bob) was running about the garden. I had a 1 year old male guinea pig named Richie who I rescued from the pet shop I work at because he has an ingrown eyelash growing on his third eye lid and would have had a very sad life in a small cage upstairs in the pet shop. But for reasons yet unknown they both went missing on the early hours of Monday the 20th of June and I have been absolutely heartbroken ever since. I never thought I could miss anybody so much in my life and feel absolutely helpless about it.
I recently adopted George the Teddy Bear Hamster from my local Scottish SPCA shelter. They have no idea how old he is. All they know is that he was abandoned in a flat and the landlord handed him into the shelter. He is the most lovable hamster in the world and I'm so glad I have him.

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