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A huge animal lover, I have surrounded myself with small pets my entire life. Their innocence and sweetness brings me happiness, even easing times of stress. I currently have four rabbits: Lilly, Scotti, Roxy & Oreo, and in spirit will always be my five ferrets, four guinea pigs, eight hamsters, dog & cat. Though it can be a challenge at times, I am fortunate to have the energy and time to care for multiple animals. Whenever able, I donate to the ASPCA and Humane Society, because they are so needed. In the future, my husband & I hope to do big things for animals, such as making the animal rights stricter, and enforcing new laws that need to be addressed when purchasing pets. I also hope one day we can ban pet stores from purchasing pets from breeders, and purchase them from shelters instead. Animals have just as much right to be on this earth as we do and deserve the same respect and laws that apply to humans. I have two favorite rabbit sites; I buy FRESH hay and pellets from Bunny Bytes, and I've ordered an inexpensive rabbit house & tunnel called the Cottontail Cottage & Hideaway Hopper from Cats & Rabbits & More, which you can find online. My rabbits really enjoy them!  ..It would be fun to win this pet contest, though all of the pets in it deserve to win! 

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