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All of my life all my enterest have evolved around animals. Growing up in Florida, and now living in a small town in Indiana for the majority of my life. Finally in my later stage of life I am about to make my dream come true. Opening a pet boarding, grooming, training and rescue shelter. Offering pet placement, and helpful siminars on all issues involving pets and their owners. I have done rescue for over 30yrs., vet tech for 15yrs.,my own grooming business for 13yrs, Animal Control Officer for 9yrs., Pet Training for 2yrs.. Presently owned by 6 dogs, 2 cats, 3 horses, 1 burrow, 1 pig, 1 hen and 2 cockatiels and love it. All were rescues except, 2horses, and 3 dogs. I am very excited about getting to know more animal people and learning more daily about animals.

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