Winter Time Fun with Your Favorite Pooch

Most dogs love a fresh blanket of newly fallen snow! They can’t wait to run through it, just like little kids. So, don’t let the cold weather get you down. There are lots of fun things to do with your dog in the winter time!

Indoor Fun with Your Favorite Pooch

Of course, snow isn’t everyone’s (or every dog’s) cup of tea, so you both may want to stay inside while the snow is falling. Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of fun to be had. This might be a great time to teach your dog a new trick. Keep the teaching sessions to about five or ten minutes. That way you’ll keep your pup’s attention. Several short sessions per day work better with dogs than one long session.

You could also play a little indoor hide and seek! Hide your dog’s favorite toys and treats around the house so he can hunt for them. This game could go on for hours, and it will keep your dog stimulated so he’s not bored from being stuck inside. Start with something simple, like stashing a treat in plain sight, until he gets the hang of it. As he figures it out, you can get trickier with your hiding places!

There are lots of great toys on the market that can stimulate your dog while the weather’s bad, too. Look for treat puzzles that make him work a little for his treats. Chews can be great for keeping a dog occupied, too.

Fun in the Snow

Once you’re both ready to brave the cold, you’ll want to take steps to protect your pooch from the cold. If your dog has short hair, a sweater or jacket might be a good idea, especially if you plan on being out for a long time. Animals can get frostbite just like we can, so common sense is important. Snow and ice can build up in furry toes, so a pair of doggie booties might be a good idea, too.

A walk through the snowy woods can be a great way to get some fresh air on a snowy day. Take the whole family out for a fun adventure! A game of fetch in the snow puts a whole new spin on things because your dog will have to hunt to find his ball. Your dog probably can’t wait to dig in the snow, too, so just stand back and watch him go to town!

Playing in the snow can be a blast for your dog! Be cautious of salt and chemicals used to clear sidewalks. Clean off those little paws right away when you come inside. Beware of icy patches, too; your dog could slip and hurt himself, which would ruin everyone’s fun.

A snowy winter day provides the perfect opportunity for some fun with your favorite pooch. The best part? Cuddling up on the couch after you’ve worn yourselves out in the snow!