Pet Breed Profiles

Our breed profiles include loads of details and pictures about the most common dog, cat, rabbit and horse breeds. Make sure to add to this resource and tell us about your breed – browse to the breed of your choice and then go to its Comments page for more details.
Choosing a Breed – Dos and Don’ts

It is possibly one of the most important choices you will ever make.

Breed Profiles

It is a choice that will affect the lifestyle of you and your family for over a decade of your lives, and a choice that will directly affect the welfare of the animal you choose. Here are some tips:

What to Do:
  • Make a responsible choice!
  • Be honest with yourself about how much grooming, training, and exercise you really want to take on.
  • Learn about the behavior and personality, appearance and size, grooming and exercise needs, and health of the breeds you are considering.
What NOT to Do:
  • Don’t choose a breed based solely on appearance
  • Don’t choose a breed which requires you to change your lifestyle too much – are you really likely to make these changes?
  • Don’t make a choice based on assumptions – e.g. My friend says this breed would be ideal
  • Don’t disregard your financial situation – pets can be expensive!