Soldout Fissidens Fontanus 2*2 patch aquarium live plant moss A plus quality For Sale -

Soldout Fissidens Fontanus 2*2 patch aquarium live plant moss A plus quality

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Soldout Fissidens Fontanus 2*2 patch aquarium live plant moss A plus quality:

(Soldout as of julu 2022. Price will go back to normal once in stock again)Please keep in mind that 2*2 inch is based on single sheet of leaves, not stacked by multiple layers of leaves. Amount is also specified from 2nd and 3rd photo they are all same amount! 3rd photo shows the approximate area that you will be able to cover initially on your ornament or drift wood with purchase of single portion. *** very important alert! You may find lighter shade of piece of moss within my fissiden package. It is riccia fluitans moss, also very loved aquarium plant. it is evident on my 1st and 4th picture, the small light green mass you see here and there. You can pluck them out if you dont want them. and i guarantee in your package it will be fissiden moss by vast majority do not worry!*** IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION*** For single order it is SNAIL MAIL with envelope! Ships Monday and Saturday only. Deadline for next day shipment is 5PM!!! ex)if you buy Sunday 5:30pm, next shipment is Saturday. Packaging is standard envelope(aka snail mail) phoenix moss can withstand up to 1 month without light. Please check mailbox Packaging for 2 or more order is with white bubbled envelope or brown box and will include usps tracking for your convenience. Fissidens Fontanus is a beautiful plant. Contrary to popular belief, It is native to the U.S perhaps it is tolerant to low temperature. I have observed them several times during my expedition, and they seem to really love fast moving stream. In my opinion, there are few sights that are more elegant than fissiden fontanus attached to driftwood. Take a look at my show piece spiderwood. (Light green clumps are riccia fluitans coloniew ) It looks charming just by itself, no background plant needed. Like java moss, fissiden moss is shrimp's favorite. Cherry shrimp especially like to walk up and down and pick on them all day. You will also find all baby cherry instinctly bury themselves in fissiden moss with presence of fish. I like to provide water movement near the moss, and it attracts bamboo shrimp as well. Phoenix moss is slow grower and a bit harder to grow compared to java moss in casual low tech setting planted tank. Phoenix moss is most commonly seen in local pet store in either mushy dark green or brown color covered with hair or brush algae. It is due to ubiquitous tiny algae such as string algae and hair algae developing between leaves. Mushy, dark, sometimes black fissiden moss maybe still alive and may even growsa bit, but esthetically highly displeasing. adequate water circulation in tank is very appreciated by this plant, yet it calls for debris and algae quickly developing between the leaves. I keep lots of snails and cherry shrimp, amano shrimp to keep them algae free. My fissiden moss is extremely lush green with minimal algae as you can see. You will receive mostly green leaves ratheenthan black leaves. algae control is the key for success in this plant, because there is not much you can do once covered with notorious algae. I am giving you the best start you can hope for. You will receive healthiest single layer 2*2 inch single layer clump from my colony. I do not include stainless steel mat 2*2 that other vendors may typically include. There are 3 WAYS to grow fissiden moss. YOU NEED to have ROCK or DRIFTWOOD or AQUARIUM DECORATION ready upon receving this moss clump. For attaching them for beginners, crazy glue method is easiest option and least time consuming ONLY for people familiar with DRY START method. This is the most beautiful way to grow Fissiden moss and that will last longest even for years. Grind them up or cut very finely and then do dry start, never on substrate. this will give most dense, strong base to prosper. Recommended- single leaves can be tied or crazy glued without leaves stacking on each other, as the biggest growth inhibition and death comes when leaves are stacked together. Decided whether to save time, make it easy but leave glue mark- crazy glue method. If you are fine with spending one hour, go with string method. tie those leaves with no more 1/4 inch distance between each string [i recommend 1/8 inch distance]. at the beginning string may come off ugly, but moss will cover them as they grow. shortcut for failure- Toss them in tank, spread over, hope it is going to grow on its own. They will get stuck somewhere, become detritus magnet, and will cause lots of issues. you can do this for java moss, but not for this moss. within 2-3 months of success you will have very bushy colony of fissiden moss.

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