Simple Tips for Potty Training Your Puppy

Unfortunately, messes in the house are an inevitable reality with a new puppy. The good news is, potty training a new puppy can be a fairly simple process. Here are some simple tips to help you potty train your puppy.

In the Very Beginning

Every puppy is influenced by the environment where they began life. The puppy’s mom is his first influence toward cleanliness. Good mothers will keep their puppies clean, but if the mother dog doesn’t do it, the breeder must take on the responsibility.

One the puppies start to move around and pee and poo on their own, they will begin to totter away from their sleeping area to eliminate. Most animals will have a natural instinct that tells them not to eliminate where they sleep.

If at all possible, the breeder should begin taking the puppies outside when the mother goes out as soon as possible. Even puppies learn by example, and they will quickly learn to follow their mother’s lead.

Bringing a New Puppy Home

There’s nothing more exciting than purchasing a new bed, toys, and all sorts of other fun things for your new puppy! Don’t forget to plan for and discuss your plan for potty training with the entire family before you new puppy comes home. Being prepared is the key to success.

Everyone in the house should adhere to the 20-minute rule. After your puppy eats, drinks, or wakes up from a nap, you need to take him out every 20 minutes. Anytime your puppy is active during the day, take him out every 20 minutes.

At night, or when you aren’t home to supervise, your puppy should be in his crate. Take your puppy out a few times during the night until he learns to whine when he needs to go out. As his bowels and bladder mature, he will wake you up less and less often.

Don’t Confuse Your Puppy About Where to Go

Some people like to use puppy pads inside the house during potty training but try to avoid this if possible. It’s best if your puppy learns to go outside right from the beginning. If you must use a puppy pad, set it right by the door to make the transition easier when the time comes.

Some Final Tips

When your puppy goes to the bathroom outside, be sure to provide lots of praise and attention. Even if you follow every rule, there will probably still be accidents. Never punish the puppy for an accident. Instead, simply clean it up and resume your 20-minute routine. In the end, try to enjoy this chance to bond and build a relationship with your puppy. This time will go by so quickly!