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    I own 4 dwarf hamsters and 1 bunny hos a mix beetween a mini rex, and a Dutch. Yes im aware that Rabbits arnt technicaly a rodent.


    I currently own 3 doe (female) rats- Violette, Suzie, and Phoebe- I used to have 10. I will be adopting a rabbit shortly- even tho they are "rodents"- I consider them "rodenty", LOL.



    Wow! Everyone hase soooooo many Pets! ;D



    i have two russian dwarf hamsters …alfie and frank and a syrian hamster called lola. [they dont live together] i also have two rabbits called bertie and lilly but i no they are not rodents.[lagamorphs] i also have 2 horses a dog a budgie and 5 fish



    Hi everyone, I am owned by my 94 rats (38 newborns, 31 babies, 25 adults). Haven’t named any of the newborns or babies yet, but here are the adults. My girls are: Vanilla, Amber, Ginger, Luna, Oreo, Nibbles, Kara, Sweet Pea, Shelbie, Norah, Nikki, Caramel, Tiffy, Cinnamon, and Maple. My boys are: Danny, Ben, Snoopy, Kenny, Lenny, Kibble, Snickers, Sisqo, Blazey, and Toby. I also have 2 cats(Ashley and Leah), 16 dogs (8 puppies, 8 adults) (Buddy, Rocky, Gerda, Nata, Precious, Tabby, and Sasha), a texas brown tarantula, a southern flying squirrel (Jessie), and lots and lots of fish (African Cichlids, Plecos, and Synodontis Catfish). Whew! I think I got everybody! By the way, I am a hobby breeder of rats and I run a rattery/rescue. I love my pets, don’t know what I would do without them! Nice hearing from everybody! ~Anya~ <:3 )~~~~ Wispy Whiskerz Rattery <:3 )~~~~



    i have 2 dwarf hamsters. there names are Daisy and lilly 🙂



    idon’t know if iv’e posted anything on this topic or not, so im doing it again. i have 32 rats 9 of them are going to homes soon! 19 of them are females: bianca, percilla, baby, princess, sophia, gracie, makenzie, zoe, cleopatra, nakita, dee dee, sophie, gypsy, athena, heidi, pandora, anastasia, ariela, ivory. i have 8 boys: hero, captian, tonka, nicodemus, klondike, galileo, artimis. i have a rabbit named darcy. and 1 mice my girls are: gin&tonic, cloe, fiji, petuna, mindy, penelope,gwendolyn, page, ophelia,azela. and my boys are: kirby, felix, jasper, buttons, gus



    I have FOUR RATS ;D I always want ferret.



    I have 7 cavies. 4 females together and 3 males together but i an hoping to get the males castrated and mix them all in a HUGE cage.


    hiya 😉 i have 13 mice because my adult mice had another litter i have 3 adults smudge,nutmeg and kady and 10 babies. i need help naming them all please help! 😀


    At the moment i have 1 mouse but he’s my boyfriend’s i’m looking after him cause he got another mouse pregnant.. i also have 6 gerbils 4 of which are the babies of the other 2 of my gerbils.. 2 of the babies are going to my boyfriend’s house in 2 weeks when there old enough to leave their mum.. but on top of that their mum is pregnant again with another litter of gerbil pups which will be born in about 1-2 weeks



    I have 3 baby Hammies, Kirby, Care Bear and Honey!



    well rabbits are not rodents but i have 7 rabbits and a hamster.



    wow that rather a lot of rabbits, did you plan that many or was there an accident somewhere along the line. I have two (both girls) and a hamster too



    i woudn’t recommend leaving your rabbit alone in the same cage as the guineapig

    I have 3 rabbits and 2 guineapigs

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