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    I own two gerbils and one guinea pig(cavy) I’m getting a rabbits soon. ::)



    Rabbits aren’t rodents though – they are lagamorphs 😉 I have 2 chinchillas though 🙂 ~Kim



    i have 2 white male chipmunks. and they are nutters………. and very friendly from being hand reared..



    I have 3 guinea pigs(cavies). 1 american satin, broken(sow). 1 American-Silkie-Satin, golden agouti(sow).and 1 american tortise shell and white(boar). ;D



    before i moved, i had 20 Rats, 10 Mice, and 50 rabbits and guinea pigs plus a chinchilla. but since i moved, all i have now is a rabbit, a chinchilla, and a gerbil


    Well…my hamster Peanut just died last month. 🙁 But I have a dwarf hamster named Snickers and a Syrian hamster named Shivers. I also have one puppy named Winnie and a buncha pigeons.



    right now two cavies – rescues – both teddy-types. I also have a lagomorpth (rabbit – Holland lop cross – rescue) I used to breed and show Angoras (Eng & Fr) and American Fuzzy Lops. I have had in the past: Rats, mice, dwarf (siberian) hampsters, and gerbils. My son would like a rat in the future, but not while we have the guinea pigs. Two cages in the house is ebough for now! I also have 5 cats and 4 dogs.



    hi i have many pets but of the rodents i have 7 hamsters and 1 guinea pig and i love them all very much 😮


    i have 3 breeding them. one of my females is pregnant!



    are mice easy to take care of? im planning to buy mice to own and i want to make sure that they wont be very hard to care for.


    i have 3 hamsters 2 teddy bear hamsters named hugs and tugs(males) and one mixed hamster half teddy bear and half short haired named cheer bear(female) and a rat named grumpy(male)



    HI, I am a breeder and am owned by: 27 Hamsters 13 Dwarf Hamsters 31 Cavy (americans,american satin’s, texels, silkie’s and peruvians) around 70 mice including babies 1 rat (colby) and as for non rodents we have: 79 rabbits not including litters (mini lop, checkered Giant, florida white, dutch, lionhead, and commercial does.) 2 dogs (GSD and Basset Hound) 2 cats (mixed breed rescues) 2 fire belly toads 1 horse I think I got the whole family! ;D



    Hi, I own 6 Rabbits(one of which is pregnant, due to drop any time) Mum to be Fizz, (Albino Lop), Bella, (Brown lop), dad to be Gio, (Ex wild black) and Fizz n Gios sons from previous litter Nicky Chip & Gio Jr, (all black with non floppy big ears). 3 rats Doris, (pink eyed hooded), Dave, (hooded), and Nemo (Albino). 2 gerbils, Flik, (Light brown), and Dill, (black) And a family of wild mice outside under the shed



    i have 6 rats 3 amber colored (bebe, princessa, and hero)a blue agouti (pricilla), a hymalian(bianca), and a dumbo hairless (cleopatra). i have 7 mice, a black broken marked longhair(gin), a standard cinnamon even marked(tonic), a black broken marked satin (azela), standard gold broken marked(nova), standard cinnamon broken merle(gwendolyn), standard black even marked (ophelia), and a self dove astrex(kirby)


    I have 9 chinchillas, 40 fancy rats, and 1 mini lop rabbit. I raise Fancy Rats as pets and breeders, not feeders! 😉 I also raise Chinchillas as pets and breeders, I don’t pelt Chins. I have always wanted a Ferret, so I may get a few. I am new here. I joined this forum to chat with people that like my interests, Chinchillas, Fancy Rats, and Rabbits. I can’t wait to see what this forum is like! It looks great so far! Chris Charming Tails Rattery x<:3 )~~~ The Chin Haven

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