Tips to Keep Your Cat’s Brain Healthy

Much like humans, as cats age, their brain does, too. They could experience changes that cause confusion, anxiety, changes in their sleeping and eating patterns, bathroom issues, and changes in the way they interact with other pets and family members. You may think these changes are just part of getting older, but they aren’t actually normal, and there are ways you can help.

Studies show that the changes going on in your cat’s brain begin to take place long before you actually see the decline in your cat’s cognitive function- like their memory, problem-solving abilities, learning, and thinking. Adult cats already have more reduced cognitive function than they did when they were young, at it continues to worsen as they age.

How to Protect Your Cat’s Brain Health

The best way to protect your cat’s brain health is to start when they are young, before you ever even notice a problem.

  • Provide the best health care possible. Certain medical conditions, like diabetes, can affect brain health, so provide the healthiest diet possible and keep up on those annual checkups right from the beginning.
  • Keep your cat at a healthy weight. Being overweight can increase the risk of disease that could affect brain health, so keeping your cat at a good weight is essential. Speak to your vet about your cat’s ideal weight and do your best to maintain it.
  • Provide mental stimulation to keep his brain active. Toys, puzzles, a bird feeder outside the window… these are all great ways to stimulate your cat’s brain.

Nutrition also plays a key role in brain health. Omega -3 fatty acids, such as fish oil, are crucial for a healthy brain and they also have anti-inflammatory properties that could reduce age-related damage. Antioxidants are also important, so provide a diet rich in vitamins C and E to reduce the risk of damage. B vitamins are also essential for brain function.

When it comes to providing proper nutrition for your pets, it’s essential to provide a variety of healthy foods. Nutrients often work together so providing a variety of essential nutrients is crucial. When you provide a combination of nutrients that target age-related damage, you could protect the brain and slow the progression of age-related symptoms. Providing your cat with a combination of antioxidants, B vitamins, and fish oil could significantly improve your cat’s brain function.

As your cat gets older, keeping his brain healthy is every bit as important as keep his body healthy. When you provide the best nutrition and care, you give your cat the opportunity to remain his curious, active, social self, right into his senior years.