6 Springtime Activities Any Dog Will Love

The weather is finally warming up and after a long, cold winter, us humans aren’t the only ones ready for some sunshine and fresh air. Our pups are pretty excited about springtime, too! Getting out in the sun is good for you and your dog, and it can help you get a bit of exercise after spending a winter on the couch. Here are six springtime activities any dog will love!

1.      Camping

You don’t have to put your dog in the kennel when you go on vacation. Why not plan a trip he can enjoy as well? Camping is a fun adventure for dogs of all sizes, and it provides lots of opportunities for exploring and hiking. You don’t have to rough it in a tent if you don’t want to. Rent a dog-friendly cabin in the woods or vacation in an RV.

2.      Swimming

Most dogs love playing in the water, whether you hit the beach, head to a nearby lake, or hike a trail near a river. Even if there’s a nearby pond or creek, you and your pup can spend some quality time splashing in the water and playing a game of fetch.

3.      Work Out Together

Have you been feeling a touch of cabin fever over the winter? Now’s your chance to ditch the gym and take your workouts outdoors… and you can bring your best friend along for some bonding time while you exercise. Biking, rollerblading, jogging, or even walking are all great ways to hit the pavement with your dog. Find a dog-friendly park in your area and do your workouts there. You both might even make a new friend or two while you’re at it!

4.      Lose the Leash

Most communities have off-leash dog parks or beaches these days where you and your pup can run around and get some exercise. Throw a tennis ball or toss a Frisbee! Not only will he have a blast running in the sunshine, but he’ll also be able to play with other dogs!

5.      Get Competitive

If your dog is still a puppy, teaching him so basic commands, like sit, stay, and come, is essential. Competitive training takes on a whole new level by teaching your dog how to jump through hoops and other obstacles. Do some research and find out if there’s a competitive training course in your area. They are usually conducted outside, allowing you both a fun way to enjoy the beautiful weather.

6.      Go Shopping

The next time you and your pup feel like taking a stroll, check out dog-friendly cafes and shops in your area. A lot of pet supply stores welcome dogs, too. It’s a fun way to stroll through your neighborhood and do a little window shopping. You can work your way to the café, relax and have a bit to eat, and then stroll home.

No matter what you do, getting outside with your dog is something you both will enjoy. Make it a goal to head outdoors and soak up the sunshine at least a couple times a week!