How to Help Your Dog Cope with Back to School Loneliness

As the end of summer approaches and our kids head back to school, a drastic change comes over our homes. All summer long, the house has been filled with activity and kids playing in the yard. Suddenly the house is quiet and empty all day long. While this can be a nice change for Mom, it can also be a tough adjustment for your family dog. Your dog might be a little confused and lonely with this sudden change. Here are some things you can do to help your dog cope with possible back to school loneliness.

1.      Provide Extra Exercise

Exercise is a great boredom buster. Take your pooch for extra walks anytime you can throughout the day. The more exercise the better because a tired dog is a sleepy dog, not a bored dog.

2.      Provide New Toys for Stimulation

Keep your pup’s mind busy with some new toys. Rotate through his toys and give him one or two different toys each day so he doesn’t get bored with the same ones. Treat puzzles are especially good for keeping your dog entertained and occupied while his best friend is at school.

3.      Comforting Scents Can Help

Our dogs and kids are often best friends, so it’s only logical for our dogs to be lonely when they go back to school. A great way to soothe your dog is with your child’s scent. Try putting one of your child’s old t-shirts in your dog’s bed so the scent can comfort him while he naps.

4.      Spoil Him With A Little TLC

Sometimes, a little extra attention from Mom is just what the doctor ordered. Giving your dog some extra cuddles and attention can go a long way toward making him feel special when their best buddy is gone. Special treats here and there can go a long way towards showing him how good life can be when the kids are gone, too.

5.      A Dog Walker Could Be A Lifesaver

If you are out of the house all day for work, think about having a dog walker come by at lunchtime. A dog walker will take your pooch for a walk and give him some attention in the middle of the day to combat the loneliness and boredom.

Giving your pup a little extra TLC and consideration when your kids head back to school. It will keep him from being bored and lonely while he waits for his best friend to come home, and it will make you feel good, too!