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    I own 1 rabbit



    I have 7 mice- a mommy, daddy, and 5 babies. ^^



    hi im lorna i have 2 dogs, 3 snakes a chicken, 3 guini-pigs, 1 hamster, a goldfish, a pond full of fish. i used 2 breed guini-pigs, i had a toitoise and i used 2 have pigions, ducks and rabits



    I have 1 hamster and am planning on getting another tomorrow from a shelter. I saw her on the shelter website and I want to rescue her.



    i own 1 cat who is 10 im getting new kitten in 3 weeks called toby he well cute i have a gerble which was rescued he was left out side in cage where i live you cant pick him up because he bites we call him jaws i have 2 birds cockateils 1 lovley 1 bites and my 2 babys the rats 1 dumbo rat black called knight he scared of his own shaddow and the other a girl she was rescued to with her sister but her sister passed away on wedensday she had cancer so missie is on her own now and i now decided im not getting any more



    I have one rabbit named Frodo.If you don’t know much about rabbits just go to my topic:Do you need help on rabbit talk??? There is great info!!!






    I don’t have any rodents but my friend has a guinea pig. (which she adores) and she used to own a lot of mice



    I have 1 cavy named Jasper and althouh rabbits are not rodents I figure I will mention I own 7 outdoor bunnies. Oh, I am in the process of begging my parents for a hamster.



    So I told you all that I had a pregnant black bear hamster. She had a litter of seven, she ate one and then she died four weeks later. Last night one of the girls died too. I don’t know what’s going on. She was running a lot on the wheel and it looks like she died because of that. Like just fell off. I would suggest not to get rodents from Petsmart. Fortunately though, the girl I have had since 1/30/2007 is still alive. I love her so much and she’s so tame. Even the baby’s are. They don’t bite or anything. They are a little skiddish, none of them show signs of wet tail or being ill which is a good thing! So I have one girl left and three boys. Boy oh boy are they cute! I take them out daily and let them play!



    i have 3 rabbits (lagamorphs) lol



    sadly 🙁 i dont own any pets at the moment but i had a hamster about 2weeks ago but he died (he was called harry). in the summer holidays im getting another small critter but im not quite sure yet but its most probably gerbils. are guinea pigs harder to look after than gerbils or are they easier. my friend who lives down the road has 3 guinea pigs but u cant touch them they’re too shy and they run away from you. are all guinea pigs shy because i dont really like shy pets plz reply!!



    I used to have 2 guinea pigs when I was 14 years old. Then followed by a white mouse. 3 years ago I have 2 hamsters, and they gave birth to many many little hamster 🙂




    I have a female black &white Guinea Pig,2 male dwarf hamsters,7 goldfish a cat and a kitten.Wish I had a ferret:(



    i got to gerbils

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