Best Pets for Seniors

There are many benefits of having a pet in your senior years. Pets offer companionship and reason to stay active. Having someone that depends on you is a great feeling. Of course, you’ll probably want something a little cuddlier than a snake or lizard, but little less boisterous than a Jack Russel Terrier or Border Collie. So, which pets are the best option for seniors? Here’s what we recommend!

1.      Cats

If you’re looking for a cuddly companion that doesn’t require frequent walks, you should consider getting a cat. Cats make great indoor pets because they’re quiet and easy to care for. Cats love to play so they can be very entertaining, too. Simply dangle a string with a toy or feather attached to keep a cat entertained for hours!

2.      Dogs

If you would like someone to go for an evening stroll with you, don’t rule out a dog. Small dogs can be great companions for seniors because they will sit in your lap and snuggle, but they also love daily walks and playtime.

3.      Rabbits

Rabbits are cuddly, use a litter box, and they’re quiet. Just like cats, rabbits make great indoor pets. Provide them with some daily exercise and playtime in a protected area, like a screened in porch, and they’ll be a great house pet. Some rabbits will even be content to sit in your lap and be cuddled and brushed.

4.      Birds

Birds are colorful and entertaining pets that are pretty easy to care for. They’ll require daily feeding and fresh water, regular cage cleaning, and sometimes they’ll need to have their beaks and nails trimmed if they get too long. Smaller birds, like parakeets and finches, are easy to handle, don’t take up much space, and they do great in pairs.

5.      Fish

Small, freshwater aquariums are pretty easy to set up and maintain. And, if you want an easy to care for pet, you can’t get much easier than fish! Their lovely colors and soothing movement make them relaxing to watch. Just provide food daily, test the water each week, and vacuum the gravel once a month, and you’ll be good to go.

6.      Senior Animals

Why not consider adopting a senior pet? Young puppies and kittens need a lot of attention, and they’re so energetic they can wear out even the fittest pet owner. For many shelters, it can be very challenging to find homes for senior pets, so they often discount their adoption fees. Adopt a pet that calmer and older so the two of you can enjoy life together at a relaxing pace that suits you both.