5 Fun Things to Do with Your Favorite Kitty

One of the best things about having a kitty is playtime! There are tons of fun thing you can do with your cat, and they don’t all involve jingly balls and catnip mice. Bored cats often turn to mischief, so interactive playtime is good for both of you. Trying out new ways to play not only alleviates boredom, but it also provides great exercise and stimulates them mentally. Here are five fun things to do with your favorite kitty!

1.      Cat Apps

Cat apps are one of the latest trends to incorporate modern technology. There are even cat apps that your kitty can play with on his own. He can chase lasers on a screen or catch fish among other cat-oriented fun. All you need is a smartphone. If you’ve ever noticed your cat watching TV, you’ll know he loves quick movements, so cat apps are sure to be a hit.

2.      Cat Obstacle Course

Although cats do tend to be creatures of habit, they also love investigating new things. They’re super curious about changes in their environment. Create a fun cat obstacle course by placing pillows and cushions around the room. Throw in some cardboard boxes, chairs to perch on, or a laundry basket to explore. Keep your cat interested in the fun by strategically hiding cat treats throughout your obstacle course. Cats are incredibly smart, and they love to learn new skills.

3.      Cat Food Puzzles

Cats love to be challenged almost as much as they love treats, so why not give them both? Food puzzles are great for challenging your cat both mentally and physically. They keep his mind sharp and engaged, which keeps him happy. You don’t even have to invest in a store-bought cat food puzzle. You can use a cardboard box and make your own!

4.      Mechanical Toys

We all know cats love to hunt and mechanical toys can give your indoor cat the chance to fulfill his dream of stalking his prey. Battery operated and wind up toys make unpredictable movements and zigzag across a hard floor, allowing your kitty to sharpen his hunting and pouncing skills. To make things even more entertaining, place a few obstacles around the room to increase the erratic movements.

5.      More Prey Hunting Fun

When your dozing kitty suddenly pounces on your foot or a nearby dust bunny, he’s showing off his prey hunting instincts. You can indulge his inner predator with a game of hide and seek with his favorite toy. Hide around a corner or behind a piece of furniture with the toy and peek it around the corner, wiggling it to get your kitty’s attention. Toss the toy across the room so she can chase it. Using a larger stuffed animal will amp up thrill even more.

Trying out fun new things with your cat is great for both of you. When you get creative with your bonding time, your kitty will benefit both mentally and physically.