Signs of Foaling in Mares

  • Mare feels warm to touch, sweat may be appearing in armpits and flanks
  • Vulva is bright pink inside

Horse Vulva

  • May be dripping milk, udder may be quite full

Horse Udder

  • Mare may be backed up against the fence or barn rubbing her bottom or just pressing herself against a firm object
  • Her body form will have changed in that the foal will be in position to enter the birth canal so her abdomen may not be as large as before (flatter sides) and stomach lower when you view her from the side
  • Muscles in croup area are relaxed causing a hollow appearance
  • Appetite may be decreased
  • Whites of eyes may appear bloodshot
  • Mare may be restless, laying down, getting up, biting at sides
  • She may urinate frequently with little urine being passed

Mares are notorious for having their foals when you aren’t there. They just don’t like company when they give birth. If you want to see the foal being born, you will have to be very vigilant and quiet. Good luck!