Kids Giving Dogs Treats

But manual dexterity is a challenge for many kids; they have trouble holding a dog treat and then releasing it. A child may be frightened if your dog engulfs his whole hand when she takes a treat. Even gentle tooth contact can be scary for a child.

It’s better to find a way to avoid that concern than to have to reassure a frightened child. There are many ways to make treat delivery a bit easier and less scary for young kids.

  • Drop the treats on the floor.
  • Give the child a bowl to hold while your dog eats a treat out of it. Fill the bowl one treat at a time.
  • Hold the treat on an open palm for the dog to lick off.
  • Put the treat on the back of the child’s hand. Young kids often have trouble holding their hand open. Their fingers curl up and form a bowl. In this case, it may be better to teach the child to put out his fist (fingers down) and for you to place the dog’s treat on top of his hand.
  • Have the child sit on the counter or kitchen table (with you standing right there, of course) and he can toss treats to your dog. This can be a good option for bouncy dogs so that your child doesn’t get bumped or frightened.