Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

There’s no doubt about it. Cats are finicky, complex creatures. Sometimes, their strange behavior can be a little baffling. What’s with the teeth chattering? Or, why does your cat bring you dead mice? And, why does your cat zoom around the house and yowl in the middle of the night? We’re here to explain these strange behaviors so you know when to be concerned, and when it’s just your cat, being a cat.

Why does my cat knock things on the floor?

Cats love to randomly knock things off of tables. They sit back and smugly watch the item fall to the floor. Well, this behavior is easy to explain. Your cat is just curious, and probably a little bored. You could try offering him a toy to distract him from his shenanigans.

Why does my cat lay on whatever I’m using?

It never fails. You’ll have a book or magazine laid out and your cat comes along and lays right in the middle of it. Well, this one’s obvious, too. He wants your attention.

Why does my cat zoom around the house and yowl in the middle of the night?

Isn’t it great when your cat comes barreling down the hallway and right across the bed in the middle of the night? Or how about when he starts yowling just as you’re falling asleep? You may think your cat has lost his mind, but he’s actually just burning off some pent-up energy. Cats are nocturnal by nature and it’s their instinct to hunt during the night. Try playing with him more during the day to give him some exercise. Feeding him right before you go to bed might also help.

Why does my cat feel the need to bring me dead mice?

Although this behavior is probably more than a little gross to you, for your cat it’s a generous gesture that means he includes you as part of his group. If it really bothers you, you can try putting a bell on his collar to make it more difficult for him to catch his prey.

What’s with the teeth chattering?

You’ve probably heard your cat chatter his teeth when he gets really excited about a bird while he’s sitting in the window. Many cat behaviorists think this is a result of being frustrated that they can’t get to their potential prey. He could also be slightly aggravated or even just excited. It’s normal behavior for a cat, so don’t be concerned.

Why do cats knead?

Kneading is a sign of contentment that traces all the way back to when he nursed on his momma to encourage better milk flow. Take it as a compliment. Your kitty is happy!

Now you know the reason for some of your cat’s strange behaviors. In most cases, it’s just your cat, being a cat!