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    🙂 😀 ;D ??? 😛 :-*My cousin got a horse. It is brown with a blankety white patch over it’s thighs. It is quite timid. She can’t think of a name that would suit her best. Can you???


    Yeah, I guess your right, I just couldn’t think of anything else. Oh, you know what would fit the name Oreo? Those cows that are all brown but have a white stripe that goes around their stomach. Its sooo cool!


    Yeah, Hot Chocolate sounds good. Maybe Cookies n’ Cream. Or Oreo. or something like that.


    awww, how sad…. and cute (the second part, I mean)



    Maybe you can call him blanket… you said he had a blankety white patch over him.


    A lot of people who start a topic and ask a question just seem to ask it, then leave and not wait for a reply!! It is soo weird!


    Yeah, that makes sense.


    Well, you could go to your profile and change it there. Or you could create a new one. but if you change it in your profile, it will always be "Ah H" (or whatever it is now) when you log in.


    No problem. 😉


    Those are some pretty cute names!! 😀


    My Fave Horsie Names: Palomino – Honeycomb, Sun Dancer, Bumble Bee Appaloosa – Hulaballoo, Ladybird Grey – Marshmallow, Sugar Princess Flea-bitten Grey – Stardust Dappled Grey – Nimbus Black – Cosmic, Midnight’s Dancer Bay – Renagade, Cartier, Cinnamon Piebald – Panda, Magpie, Moon Shadows Skewbald – Patchwork, Jigsaw Dun – Copper, Treasure Chestnut – Firebird, Medalion Blue Roan – Waterfall, Tsunami, Malibu Strawberry Roan – Strawberry

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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