SAF~ Toadstool Leather Coral Frag, “WYSIWYG” Soft, Coral Colony, SPS, LPS For Sale -

SAF~ Toadstool Leather Coral Frag,  “WYSIWYG” Soft, Coral Colony, SPS, LPS

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SAF~ Toadstool Leather Coral Frag, “WYSIWYG” Soft, Coral Colony, SPS, LPS:

This sale is “WYSIWYG” for this Exact toadstool Coral pictured.

We also combine orders with orders made via our STAUBAQUAFARM website. We will combine your website order to your order and you will not have any additional shipping fees added!!


*Aqua Farm water parameters:

Temperature: 77-78° F

pH: 8.2-8.4

Specific Gravity: 1.024-1.026

Lighting: T5 HO and Metal Halide

NH3: 0

NO2-: 0

NO3-: Near 0

Phosphate 0

Calcium 450ppm

Alkalinity: 8.0-9.0 DKH

Let us know if you need any more of our water parameters.

*AQUACULTURED NOT WILD COLLECTED-An Aqua cultured coral has many benefits. They are healthier, easier, more stable, and it's used to an aquarium environment. They also do not deplete our oceans.

*Unless the listing reads: sale is WYSIWYG "what you see is what you get" you may not receive the exact coral pictured. Please message me if you would like specific pictures of the corals I have in stock. They will be very similar, in color and size, from the pictures listed since they came from the same mother coral. It is difficult to take exact pictures because they are constantly growing, being sold, or traded.

*Because most corals do contract drastically while in the dark or stressed during shipping, do not be alarmed when you receive the coral and they are tiny or withdrawn. The coral will need time to expand as it becomes acclimated.

*If you are interested in purchasing more than one, use the "BEST OFFER" option for consideration of an even lower price.

Shipping Information

Free combined shipping on all coral Frags.

Shipping is a flat $14.99 regardless of number of corals ordered and will be shipped USPS Priority. I do also offer an "Optional" $39.99 UPS 1 day shipping with a 24 hour DOA money back guarantee from delivery. I Ship only within the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. If does not combine items for free shipping please message us for an invoice.

All purchases are shipped out the following week Monday-Wednesday. After your purchase please message which day you would like your items to be shipped.

I will watch weather conditions closely, and may delay shipping if extreme weather is forecasted in the delivery route. Tracking numbers are always included, so please pay attention to package arrival times because these are live corals and will die if left out in the extreme heat or cold. If you need your shipment delayed, please message me through before or during your purchase and I will gladly hold on to the coral for your convenience.

I use a Hot or Cold pack if needed and I send them at the end of the day so that the package has shortest time in transit. In the very rare event that your coral may be dead on arrival (D.O.A.), you must contact us within 24 hours of receiving the coral, along with detailed pictures of the coral.

shipping is non refundable.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

DOA (Dead on Arrival) Policy

Packages shipped to a hold facility must be picked up within the first four hours of item arrival or guarantee is void.

In the very rare event that your coral(s) are dead on arrival, you must file a DOA claim. Please email a picture of the dead coral in the sealed bag for verification within 24 hours of delivery. Once the specimen is out of the bag DOA guarantee may not be honored. Please also take pics of specimen out of bag once all in bag pics are taken. Once approved the purchase price will be refunded or arrangements will be made to send a replacement. Please note: shipping is non refundable.Thank you for your understanding.

Acclimation Process

Step 1: Turn the Aquarium Lights OFF

The livestock has been in complete darkness for the last day, and will not immediately adjust to high output aquarium lighting. By turning off the lights, you remove a possible source of stress for the new arrival. Overexposure to light in general can be an issue with new additions to your reef tank. It only takes a day or two under high light conditions to severely damage a coral that was grown under more modest illumination.

Step 2: Empty the containers into a slightly larger tub

Typically we use a small plastic tub to acclimate the new corals. If you like, you can empty the containers with the coral into separate tubs, however when we receive new corals, we tend to place them in the same tub. The purpose of this is to provide enough volume to add in water from the aquarium as well as prepare a pest control dip solution.

Step 3: Add about 1/2 cup of Aquarium Water every few minutes

The slower you add the water the better. Corals and other invertebrates are sensitive to fluctuations in pH and especially salinity. Some aquarists prefer drip acclimating corals making this process even more gradual, but one should consider the temperature drop-off that occurs during this time as well. The entire acclimation process should not take more than 30 minutes.

Step 4 (recommended): Pest Control Dip

Here at Staub Aqua Farm we advocate using pest control dips to reduce the risk of hitchhikers and parasites making it into your aquariums. We dip our corals with Coral RX, even when moving corals between systems, but there is no guarantee that the threat is eliminated. The two types of dip used most often is Coral Rx for pests such as flatworms and nudibranchs and Lugol’s Iodine for bacterial infections.

Step 5: Release the specimen into the tank

Find a suitable location towards the bottom of the tank, where the new coral will receive the appropriate flow and lower light. It will need a few days to adjust to the new lighting. Gradually move the Coral to your desired placement over the next couple weeks. If you have access to a quarantine system, we recommend using the above method to first acclimate the new arrival. After the quarantine period is over, repeat the procedure to introduce the specimen into the display tank, unless parameters are the same in both tanks, then adding immediately would be fine. (Preferred)

Staub Aqua Farm LLC Disclaimer

*Buyer is responsible for shipping fees.

*You are offerding on a FRAG of the mother colony.

*No guarantees on color, color may differ due to your light fixtures, settings, and tank environment.

*Some marine livestock are poisonous and can cause injury or death if mishandled. I am not responsible for any injury or death that may occur. (Please use appropriate protective equipment when handling all corals.)

*Local Pick up is available.

*Check out our other items! Be sure to add us to your favorites!

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason. Please contact me through so I can help to resolve the situation.

Thank you,

Staub Aqua Farm LLC

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