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    Hi there, I am really sorry to bother you, but I really need help for someone.
    I live in Georgia, and my neighbors have this cat, Summer, she is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. They also have six other cats and a dog all of which have not been fixed. Summer is not fixed either and because of that along with all the other unfixed animals in the home, she began peeing all over the house, so they threw her outside. This all happened before I moved in. I currently live with my boyfriend’s family and for a while they were taking care of Summer because the owners just weren’t feeding her and weren’t taking care of her. She is way too skinny. To make matters worse, since she now lives outdoors and is intact, she has had three or four litters. Out of all those, only one kitten survived because she just couldn’t feed them enough to sustain them given her body weight, and they were also left outside.
    This has bothered me since it came to my attention. I always thought they let her in sometimes, at least when it storms and that they fed her and maybe she just didn’t get to eat like she should because of opossums. Every night I take my dog out, she is crying outside their house to be let in and they always ignore her, but I always assumed they let her in when it storms because why wouldn’t they. Today though I came home and took my dog outside and a big storm was on its way. Summer sat on their porch and cried at the top of her lungs to be let in, and they just would not let her inside. I already have a cat, so I brought Summer into the garage and gave her some food and water and an old blanket to sleep on. She ran to the food and began eating really fast like she hadn’t seen food in a while.
    It breaks my heart so much because I love animals and they don’t deserve that sort of treatment. and Summer is such a sweet cat. All she needs is to be fixed and reintroduced to a litter box and find a loving home. I really would take her if it was my house but I can’t, it’s enough strain that I have my own dog and cat here, plus my cat is terrified of other cats, so I can’t bring another one in the home at the moment.
    I know Summer isn’t mine, but they don’t feed her or give her any attention or anything. She needs someone that can help her find that home she needs and get the care she needs. She can’t speak, so someone has to speak up for her. If I call animal control, she risks being put to sleep and I just can’t risk that with any animal especially one so sweet as Summer. If there is anyone out there who lives in Georgia who can help maybe find her a home or a rescue organization that can take her and help her, I’d really appreciate it. I just need to help this cat. I can’t let her continue to be treated this way.
    I don’t have pictures of her at the moment as it’s night and pitch black in the garage, so when it’s morning, I’ll take some pictures of her and upload them.
    Thank you for your time,



    Here are some pictures of Summer. It isn’t that easy to tell how skinny she is because her belly sags due to all the litters she’s had. But her sides are pretty sunken in, and picking her up is like picking up an empty tub of butter. She’s just that light compared to my own cat and my boyfriend’s mom’s cat.
    I fed her this morning again before letting her outside because I can’t keep her in the garage all the time since it’s not my house, and just like last night, she ran to the food and began eating like she was starving. The only way she’s maintaining her weight is by killing birds and rodents outside. I can’t let her continue to live like this. Please, someone help me help her. I’m trying my hardest to find her a home or a rescue group. If you can help at all, it’d be greatly appreciated.

    Click on any picture to see full size:

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