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The Haflinger is a small horse that originates from Austria. The name Haflinger comes from the village of Hafling, which is actually now in Italy. The Haflinger came to North America in 1958.

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Haflinger Horse
Haflinger Horse
Haflinger Horse
Haflinger Horse Fact File

Origins: Originates from the Tyrolean mountains on the border of Austria and northern Italy and can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Villagers required surefooted animals for their daily transportation and packing in the mountain terrain. Since World War II, the Haflinger has regained its refinement and is also taller than those horses bred during the war, but still a small horse.

Characteristics: Sturdily built, with short. well-boned legs and "feathering" at the fetlocks.?

Height: Under 14 hands (qualifies as a pony)

Color: The most notable characteristic of the Haflinger is its striking coat color - a golden chestnut color with a white, or "flaxen," mane and tail.

Personality: Willing, Docile and Uncomplicated

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