Petco Ends Rabbit Sales

From January 1st 2009 the national retailer Petco will cease selling rabbits and instead only facilitate adoptions.

Petco currently works with rabbit groups in several areas to provide in-store rabbit adoptions, and now wants to expand that effort. In recent years, about a third of the company’s nearly 950 stores have offered neutered rabbits for sale, and the company is phasing out rabbit sales in favor of adoptions. Announced in a press release on November 17th, the change will be welcomed by rabbit adoption groups.

"Moving to an all-adoption approach with rabbits is the right thing to do. We believe it’s good for the animals, good for our business and is consistent with our Think Adoption First philosophy in which we encourage prospective pet parents to consider adopting an animal rather than purchasing one," Petco CEO Jim Myers said. "Rabbits are great companion animals, and we believe Petco can play a pivotal role in partnering with animal-welfare groups to connect responsible pet parents with happy, healthy neutered rabbits through in-store adoptions nationwide."

Petco already has relationships with about 70 rabbit adoption groups across the nation and the company is also communicating with the national House Rabbit Society to build additional relationships with local chapters and affiliates.

"We’re thrilled with the success of our relationship with our current rabbit group partners in providing forever homes for more and more rabbits. We look forward to reaching out to expand our network of relationships with other groups across the country. By working together – local rescue groups, PETCO and the PETCO Foundation – we can do great things on behalf of homeless rabbits," Petcovice president of animal care Marcie Whichard said.

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