PET TEETH CLEANING Pet Supplies Bad Breath treatment Mouthwash Water Additive For Sale -

PET TEETH CLEANING Pet Supplies Bad Breath treatment Mouthwash Water Additive

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PET TEETH CLEANING Pet Supplies Bad Breath treatment Mouthwash Water Additive:

 TEETH & GUMS BENEFITS: 🐾 Plaque & Tartar, 🐾 Bad Breath, 🐾 Fights Bacteria Dogs - Cats - All Pets Animals Safe

Quantity: 1

Each Bottle: 4 oz + easy dose pump spray.

Shelf life: Up to Five Years (Expiration on product)

No Taste Flavorless

🐾 TOOTH CLEANER  – Iwalu Advanced Teeth& Gums Water Additive is the first and only clinically proven teeth cleaner in a bottle. Best for pets with minor and advanced dental issues, halitosis, swollen gums, and/or discolored teeth.

🐾 ADVANCED FORMULA – Strong and effective, this advanced formula is designed to specifically target dog plaque and tartar build-up along with bacteria and bad breath. It’s beneficial for everyday use for cats and dogs.

🐾 ELIMINATES BAD BREATH – In addition to eliminating pet plaque and tartar, this pet oral care water additive freshens breath and protects gums while improving overall dental health.

🐾 EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE – iwalu Pet Care Teeth & Gums is created with veterinary-grade ingredients, available at an affordable price. We know dogs and cats deserve the best care because we are pet parents too.


Our dog teeth cleaning formula is perfect for your furry friend. Dental disease is a very common problem troubling many dogs and cats, with an even higher probability of affecting smaller breed dogs. Gum disease is shown to have a correlation with heart disease due to bacterial toxins, destroyed tissue and live bacteria traveling from the mouth into the bloodstream, which can build up and attach to the arteries surrounding the heart.

The good news is, with proper dog dental care and early detection, gum disease can be prevented, treated, and even reversed. Because pets can’t take care of their own mouths, it’s vital their pet parents do.

That is why we have created our dog mouthwash to protect our beloved furry friends from gum disease and tartar buildup plus it works as a bad breath treatment for dogs.

It’s important to determine the cause of the underlying issue, so please consult your veterinarian if teeth or gum issues become a consistent HOW OUR TEETH & GUMS FORMULA WORKS- As you are already aware, germs, fungus, and infections are all living organisms that count on oxygen for their metabolic processes. Usually, they utilize an enzyme to enable the use and process of oxygen. The silver ions in the silver colloid attack this enzyme and damage it from within. Subsequently, these pathogens are not able to use oxygen and pass away.

Rely on iwalu Pet Care Formulas to give your pet the best care for all their wellness needs.

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