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    Hello I have done extensive research of ferrets and would like to get one or two,but I have no idea how much they cost from a breeder or pet shop ???it would really help me alot if someone could give me a price range. P.S.- If it makes a difference,I am looking for an albino female. 🙂


    it’s hard to say how much they would cost. the best thing to do is go down to your local pet store that has ferrets and ask how much they are.



    To give you an idea of what price ranges are in my area (western US), pet stores offer ferrets for about $130-170, the Humane Society has them depending on age from $30 (older) to $60 (younger) and sometimes include cage and/or accessories. Best choice of all, in my opinion, is a shelter or reputable breeder. My kids are all from shelters and cost me $75 each, came with up-to-date shots and had been tested for ADV (a nasty disease you should be aware of). I was also able to buy a used cage, new toys and good food from the shelter, as well as pick up some good information from the shelter owner. DO save up for emergencies, shot updates, etc. You will need it eventually.


    Here where I live, Eastern Arkansas, they run $120 at Petsmart. Occasionally they will run sales and you can get them for $99. Look in papers for someone trying to sell theirs or check with animal shelters. Sometimes veteranarian’s will have clients that are trying to sell theirs. 🙂



    In the UK you can get them for ?5.00 or even free ‘especially’ the albinos (personally my favorite) I wish they cost more it may stop so many ‘idiots’ getting hold of them :-[



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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