Bitch Mated Twice During Heat

I bred my female chihuahua for the first time on her 2nd heat. I bred her with another pure bred then two days later she accidentally was bred with another pure bred also. Are there any health hazards or whelping problems likely. Both sires were of small size, with no hereditary problems. I am wondering if there are any problems I may encounter because of there being two sires in the same heat even though both are purebred of the same breed as my dam.

As far the health of the bitch and the puppies are concerned this pregnancy can be treated in exactly the same way as if there was only one mating. You were very lucky that the second dog (the accidental mating) was a desired breed and this should teach you to make sure that nothing like this can happen again.

Since both sires are of good health and of the same breed, there will be no expected genetic complications. The litter will most probably comprise some puppies sired by one father and some by the other – a mix of all three is simply not possible. Your dog will develop the following symptoms if she is indeed pregnant: enlargement of the teats and milk production, increased weight and the selection of a ‘nest’ or whelping site.