Stratosphere Zoa Zoanthid - Live Coral Frag For Sale -

Stratosphere Zoa Zoanthid - Live Coral Frag

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Stratosphere Zoa Zoanthid - Live Coral Frag:

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Stratosphere Zoa

Original Stratosphere Zoas are one of the most prized and hard to find zoanthids among coral collectors. They sport a fascinating pattern on their central disk, with irregular alternating rings of black and gold, and a vibrant pink and purple skirt.

As with most zoanthids, they prefer to be kept in low to moderate flow, and should occasionally be offered fine particulate coral foods to maximize growth. Unlike some varieties of zoanthids, Stratosphere Zoas do not adapt well to high light conditions, and should be placed low in the aquarium for the best chance of success. Frags are WYSIWYG, so simply select the numbered option that matches the numbered photo.


Lighting : Low     Flow : Low     Care : Easy

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