Severely Neglected Horses Rescued in Maryland

Numerous horses and other farm animals have been rescued from appalling conditions at a farm in western Maryland.

On May 13th 2010 Days End Farm Horse Rescue was called in to assist the Garrett County Humane Society in saving 26 horses, 18 cows and 6 goats from a property in Maryland where various animal carcasses were found. The animals were described as being "on the verge of starvation". 

American Humane is working alongside Days End Farm Horse Rescue to help care for the emaciated animals and ready them for adoption to new homes. According to Days End Farm Horse Rescue, it costs $2,000 for each horse for the first 30 days of medical treatment alone – not including the cost of feeding and boarding – and they are appealing for "Critical Care Sponsors", who can supply the monthly cost of care necessary to help rehabilitate one of the newly arrived horses, and donations and volunteers of any kind. Interested parties can contact the organization at the link below. American Humane has provided an emergency grant of $9,000 to help cover the medical cost of treating these animals.

"The atrocities seen on this site were horrifying to both the staff and volunteers from Days End Farm Horse Rescue who traveled over four hours to assist in this impound. The animals were in various states of emaciation and it was clear from the burned and buried carcasses throughout the fields that many horses had lost their lives on this Garrett County farm," said Kathy Howe, Executive Director of Days End Farm Horse Rescue.

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